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The Dave Mojo Classic Rock Site
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(songs are covers rearranged for the solely porpose of musical hobby)
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Dave Mojo
This is one of my favorite latest performance.
A Cover from:
The Doors  - Back Door Man -  Reproduced with Vox Continental Sound + Fender Rhodes Piano Bass (split mode) Korg SV-2.
I'm a solo Piano / Organ / Keyboard player.
I use backing track to play covers.
I am able to arrange covers in a way that is either esier for me or more "pianistic" and sound better when performed as solo.
Dave Mojo - Keyboard / Organ B3
Well the music is your special friend
Music can be your only friend
Before I deep
Into the big sleep
I want to hear
The scream of the butterfly
The Doors have been a big influence in my music orientation. The style the music, The Doors sound, the organ the 70s, the hippy times, all that is what i always been attracted from.

Dave Mojo
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Created by Dave Mojo
Music is your only friend

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